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Thursday, 6 November 2008

I've been absent. My new album is the main reason for that. It has been months of work and concentration over which is my newest creation.

In first hand: the image of the cd!!!

With the simple title of "FADO", this album will be released next 24th of November. In the same day I will make a concert at Tivoli theatre, in Lisbon. I am looking forward to watch everyone's reaction. In 26th I will make a presentation for guests in Oporto

About the cd...
The beginning of the search starts from a fado that I've been presenting in my concerts for over a year: EU QUERIA CANTAR-TE UM FADO, that has been so well interpreted by the greatest voice of Portugal, Amalia. This was the theme that impelled me for the recording of everything that I sing in the album that I decided to call FADO, and only FADO, because I found this is the core subject of the poems that I sing, or because in someway they talk about fado, or because there are subjects that I identify often in fado, or even because almost half to the cd are traditional fados.

Some time ago I put aside a poem that I would like to sing one day, that was written by someone that I didn't know at all, but by showing it to several people, after all he was just a forgotten name of the portuguese poetry, Fernando Tavares Rodrigues. When I got to be aware of the story of his life, I decided to offer him an homage and for that I had the help of his mother that sent me his entire work on poetry. Of him, I chose two wonderful poems among many other passionate ones. MUNDO e PONHAM FLORES NA MESA, that I sing over two traditional fados. One of his greatest friends, Manuel Carmo, a magnificent artist, joined me on this homage, and that is why there is a special edition of this album that offers you a serigraphy making a tribute to this such intense man that left us feeling everything he wrote about love in his life.

As always, I went deep in poetry, and it was where I found inspiration to transmit what I had to say. This time, apart of Fernando Tavares Rodrigues, it was Antonio Gedeão e Florbela Espanca by whom I was seduced, but many others passed through my hands e my voice, and who will certainly be part of my future. I couldn't leave behind my forever companion and friend Maria Luisa Baptista, Joao Veiga, Paulo Valentim and Rodrigo Serrao that are in my voice for such a long time. Even I wrote a poem about what I do, and, with the music of Rui Veloso I made A VOZ DA POESIA.

For the first time I searched more contemporary composers than poets and I found them in fado. Pedro Pinhal, at ESTRANHA PAIXAO, Rui Veloso at A VOZ DA POESIA, and Mario Pacheco at A NOSSA GENTE O NOSSO FADO, besides the trio of musicians that are with me and that offer me their authenticity in this mystery that we call fado.

As a surprise, there is a fado sang in french, from Charles Aznavour, LISBOA. A love story between Aznavour and our city, about the anguish of leaving this town and all its magic. I identify myself with this feeling, and feel saudade in each travel, at each concert I make away from this city that receives me whenever I return. I sing this fado in gratefulness to the francophone public that follows me since the beginning of this adventure of mine that I embrace stronger and stronger.

This is also a tribute to the traditional fado and it's composers. Because Fado can not ever stop being Fado, it was because of Fado that I started to sing, and it is over that Fado that I will always sing.

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